The Tail Wagger


product Development, branding, digital

So here’s an idea that’s a bit less advertisingish and a bit more entrepreneurish. And it all started with Hugo’s dog, Waffles.

Her love for food, toys and treats got us thinking: “there must be a way for dogs to get those treats without having to beg or perform silly tricks” (it’d also be helpful if the owners could save some time and money). 


The Tail Wagger is, simply put, dog happiness in a box. 

It's all about quality and a sense of homemade, so it was a no brainer for us to use eco-friendly materials and design a handmade logo that could be stamped on every single thing.


To keep it short and sweet: it’s a website where you just create your dog’s profile and bam! 
Every month you’ll get a box full of fresh dog goodies at your door.

The boxes are custom made for every dog and feature cool goodies that even hipster dogs haven’t tried yet.

Have a look for yourself at

We thought about everything: from a hand-made logo to the delivery system.
Most importantly, we created a brand from scratch, which is now expertly managed by Waffles herself.

  "I'm the CEO, bitch!"


"I'm the CEO, bitch!"

Role: Concept, Copy, Art Direction, Design