Swatch Oyster


product innovation, digital

Being a touristic hotspot, every now and then London gets exceptionally crowded. And so does its transportation system.

What if we could help things run a bit smoother by saving the time people waste looking for their Oyster cards?

Our idea? The Swatch Oyster. All you have to do is touch an Oyster reader with your watch.

These watches would come equipped with a NFC chip, pre-loaded with a travelcard that would give unlimited access to all London public transportation. 

Proposed Designs

These watches would be sold online, making it convenient for tourists to receive them at home, before visiting London. That way, they can prepay for a Travelcard valid during their stay and start using it as soon as they get in town. They could also be sold on vending machines, Tube Stations and selected stores. 

Like any Oyster Card, people would be able to top up and continue to use them for as long as they want or just keep them as souvenirs.

Role: Concept, Copy, Art Direction, Design