Shell Make The Future


Make The Future

What do you do when you get a last minute brief for a static billboard promoting a prototype race?
You create interactive installations using CGI, Kinect and unusual racing cars. Right?

The Shell Eco-Marathon is a fuel-efficiency competition, meaning there are lots of new ideas and innovation behind each car. To show that, we invited 3 student teams and, together, recreated their cars in CGI piece by piece. Inside the installation, people could, through motion sensors, explore the cars in real size.,selecting highlighted parts and listen to comments from the original teams to learn about the ideas behind each piece.


At the end of the experience people could register for the event and receive custom videos of their interaction to share on social. The prototypes also took over the communication leading to the event, being featured in every digital and traditional formats imaginable, including a particularly large screen at Waterloo Station.

IMG_0279 copy.jpg