Adopt a Mutt


Digital, social, Mobile App

Adote um Vira-Lata (Adopt a Mutt, in a free translation to English) is a Brazilian NGO that helps abandoned dogs to find a home.

Through their website, Adote um Vira-Lata gathers information about dog shelters around São Paulo, making the search for a dog to adopt much simpler.

In this project we were responsible for creating their branding and a mbile app linked to their website's database to raise awareness about the NGO, and to make sure it was all integrated.

iPhone and iPad App

We created a way for people to search for a dog and have fun while doing so. That way, to find your new dog, all you have to do is choose two of your favourite dog breeds and shake your iPhone/iPad to find out the outcome. The result of this was a detailed search, showing dogs related to the breeds chosen and all the information needed to adopt one of them. 

Of course a lot of people would try to mix a Neapolitan Mastiff with a Chihuahua, so we also created a few funny error messages.

Role: Concept, Copy, Art Direction, Design